Everyday as I’m scrolling through my news feed I see advertisements and promises of leaner bodies, stronger muscles, and sculpting every muscle possible. These things are achieved through a variety of ways – workouts, nutrition, supplements, shakes, wraps, and various other “tools”. In fact, even I offer those results using SOME of those things.

Here’s the difference between what I offer and what some others offer – mine is not a quick fix. Quick fixes do NOT last. They are temporary. They teach us nothing, except how to cheat the system for short term results. And even that doesn’t usually work. If you’re going to put effort in to look and feel better, why wouldn’t you want those results to last?!

I see people every day jumping from one program to the next because their results aren’t “quick enough”. But they don’t give one program all of the time necessary to actually work. Our bodies take time to adjust to new exercise and eating habits. It doesn’t happen overnight, or in a week, or even a month. Will you start to see results soon? If you put 100% of the effort in, sure. But to get your FULL results, you have to be patient.

People don’t want to be patient. I get it. We live in a microwave society – we want everything NOW, with just a few button clicks. Here’s the thing… a long lasting healthy lifestyle is not something you get from a microwave. This is a slow cooker process.

Look at it this way… and I’m going to give some tough love here, but stick with me. If weight loss is your current goal and you’re losing 1 pound a week, why would you think that’s night high enough, give up on yourself, stop one program and completely RESTART with another program? Why is 1 pound a week not enough? That would be 52 pounds in a year! That’s incredible! When the scale was going up and you gained 1 pound in a week, why was that not a sign for you to stop going the direction you were going and switch programs then? Gaining 1 pound in a week wasn’t “quick” at the time, but when you’re losing, somehow 1 pound in that same week also isn’t “quick”? My point is, it took time for the weight to add up, it’s going to take at least the same amount of time for it to go back down. BE PATIENT.

Find a program you believe in (or at least a person who you believe in and use their program), stick with it through the end, and put 100% of the effort in. I PROMISE you will get results. Follow the rules, trust the program, trust the process, and just go with the flow knowing you ARE helping yourself become better. Going from one thing to “the next best thing” is not going to get you results. You don’t give your body enough time to figure out what you’re doing before you switch things up again and then it gets all confused, you don’t get results and then you end up frustrated. That’s not what a healthy lifestyle is about. Healthy is about consistency and loving yourself.

I offer several different ways to achieve your goals – personal and group training with me in person, online personal training, online home workouts, various nutrition programs and a once daily shake. There are no short cuts with any of those things. And I BELIEVE in every single one of them. I know they ALL work because not only do I do them myself, but I’ve helped hundreds of people get results that THEY love using a combination of those options. It takes time, effort, focus and a desire to want to improve your life. I’m not telling you it will be easy, but it IS 100% worth it.

So no more jumping from one program to the next because someone else promises you’ll get quicker results. Be true to yourself, love yourself, understand changing your life takes patience. Once you start doing things to make yourself feel better, have your body functioning at it highest level possible, and doing it because you want to do (not because you’re comparing yourself to someone else), that’s when you’ll find your happy place and get results.