You know what all of those things have in common?? Your MINDSET.

When talking about reaching health and fitness goals, people ask me ALL of the time,
‘How do I stay consistent?’
‘How do I press the reset button to start again?’
‘How do I turn down “the good stuff”?’
‘How do I stay focused?’

The answer is the same for all of those questions, and it’s both simple and not simple. The simple answer is, “You just do it!” You know what you have to do – just do it! The answer is NOT simple because well.. stuff happens – I get it. There are temptations, distractions, unplanned events, and… life. Everything you could possibly dream of that could stop you from reaching your goals is out there. And if you go searching for those things, you’re absolutely going to find them. Every single time.

The key to staying on track is your mindset. Ask yourself,
‘Why did you start on your journey?’
‘What was your initial motivation?’
‘What are you ultimately trying to accomplish?’
‘How will reaching your goal change your life?’
‘What will you life look like when you reach that goal?’
‘How will you feel when you reach your goal?’

Only YOU can answer those questions and determine if the answers are enough to keep you focused on your end game. If they aren’t, then you need to decide why. If you keep using the same reason to get started and you find yourself having to continuously “restart”, well… your “why” isn’t big enough – it’s just the first thing you came up with – a “safe” reason. I’m here to tell you, that ain’t gonna cut it.

The reason you started your journey has to come from WITHIN YOU and it has to be POWERFUL. There is nothing I can say or do to make you stick to your goals, plans, aspirations or dreams. I can tell you what works for me, but that’s ME. That’s not you. You don’t live my life, you don’t have my goals or dreams or desires. Motivations are different for everyone. Sure, I can guide you to help you find your TRUE why and provide you the tools and support to help you stay on track, but everything has to come from within YOU and YOU have to do the work.

The good news is… everything you need is ALREADY in you. You have to dig deep, have a serious conversation with yourself – maybe a hard, no BS conversation – and admit things maybe you don’t want to admit. But once you get to that point, the light will turn on and nothing will be able to stop you. You’ll have those moments where you give into a temptation, have a little extra to drink, skip a workout, go on vacation… but you know what?! That’s LIFE!! That one moment isn’t a reason to stop what you’ve been working on. And it’s not going to undo everything you’ve been working on for weeks, months or even years. You take that moment that you need, enjoy yourself, accept it, and get right back on your path when you’re done.

Food is not the enemy. Exercise is not a punishment. Food is medicine and exercise is a blessing. Not everyone has the availability of food that we do. Not everyone can exercise like we can. And yet, so many people take advantage of food and use it as comfort, and take exercise for granted and dread doing it. That’s just WRONG, people.

In order to succeed in life, with your goals, with your dreams, with your happiness, you MUST change your mindset. It’s not an easy thing since we’re constantly surrounded by so much negativity, but what if you took just 2 minutes a day and thought about all of the things you’re thankful for, what went right in your day, appreciate the quietness right before you drift off to sleep. Once you realize YOU are in complete control of your thoughts and that those thoughts affect your outcomes, your whole world will change. You’ll find yourself reaching goals you thought you’d never get to, you let things roll off your back more, you stress less, you’re happier, and you become the YOU you were supposed to be. And while I’m might be talking from the health and fitness standpoint here, this applies to EVERY aspect of your life.

If you change your thinking, I PROMISE you’ll change your life.