Alright, this is going to be a little real talk here, but I feel like I need to share this, and I’m just going to get right to the point.  Not long ago, my skin started breaking out more than usual.  I mean, we all have those times where we expect to break out, but this was crazy! I had been doing so good for so long and then all of a sudden… BAM!  Spots.  I look like I have a bout of chicken pox.  It’s annoying and embarrassing.  But it is what it is.

After my experience with adult acne a couple of years ago, I learned that what I eat has a lot to do with where I breakout.  I had recently changed some things I was eating so I started looking at ingredients.  Turns out that soy was the first ingredient in the bread I was eating and this has a huge affect on my hormones.  As it turns out I was also eating this bread two years ago when I was having problems.  Solution… DONE with the bread.  Even though it was SO good.  Almost immediately the inflammation started going away and the pain associated with the “spots” was subsiding.  Thank goodness.  But oh wait, we’re not done.

The breakouts started again!  Slightly different type this time, but in the same location.  Back to my food I went.  I couldn’t figure out what new thing I was eating that I hadn’t been before.  Then it came time for my mid-morning snack one day and there it was… walnuts.  I don’t normally eat walnuts and had started eating them instead of pistachios.  As it turns out, walnuts cause inflammation and acne in some people.  Lucky me to be one of those adults.  Solution… DONE with the walnuts.

My point to all of this is that food has a HUGE affect on our bodies.  Even the “healthy” foods can affect us negatively.  I knew of several other foods I had sensitivities to, including chicken, eggs, garlic, ginger, cashews and bananas – which means these things are not in my diet even though they are “healthy for you” – but soy and walnuts were not on the list.  Now they are.  Because I eliminated these sensitive foods from my diet, I know what affect each one has on my body and can avoid them in the future.

Being in-tune with my body for so long, I know what it feels like and looks like to be truly healthy, and I’m able to figure out what causes any new symptoms.  For most of society though, I think we’re so stuck on just eating food because it’s healthy that we don’t think about any effects they could be having on us – inflammation, bloating, depression, mood swings, lack of energy.  All of those things can be attributed to improper nutrition.  And improper nutrition for YOU, not necessarily someone else.

So if you’re feeling “off”, something just isn’t right, listen to your body and figure out what to eliminate to make YOU the healthiest you’ve ever been.  Food is the cause of the majority of disease.  It’s sometimes a trial and error situation – like mine with soy and walnuts – but at least you’ll know exactly what to look for so you can eliminate the problem, not just treat the symptom.  Our body is the only place we have to live.  We must take care of it before anything else.