I’m going to give a little bit of tough love here, so if you’re easily offended, well… I’m sorry. Being a fitness coach I hear lots of reasons why certain things can’t be done – too busy, no time, tired, too much work, too hard, it takes too long, my family and friends think (insert thought here). They’re all excuses. Anyone who wants something bad enough FINDS the time and ability to get things done, regardless of their other responsibilities and what others say. It’s just something they make part of their daily habits.

There are many parents that come to the gym – they take turns watching the kids (sometimes exchanging them in the parking lot so both parents can do a class), they bring their kids with them, others find a sitter, and some get a 30 minute home workout in after the kids are in bed. There are options. Don’t use your kids as an excuse to skip a workout or make a poor eating choice. Your children are not excuses. They should be your motivation! You should want to inspire them! Not give them examples of how to get out of doing something that takes effort.

Same goes with your family and friends. Don’t use them as an excuse as to why a change in your diet didn’t work. So what if they say, “I can’t wait until you’re done with this program.” Or what about, “It’ll nice when you’re done with this eating thing so we can celebrate your birthday and eat cake.” That is absolutely ridiculous. If you’ve chosen to make a lifestyle change, make it!! Don’t blame them if it something didn’t work. Who cares what they think?! This is your life. Do what makes you feel better. Good eating programs allow everything in moderation. So if you want to celebrate your birthday, celebrate it! Have a piece of cake! Don’t boo-hoo because you think you can’t have a piece of cake on your birthday. That’s ridiculous, too. You’re putting restrictions on yourself that are not realistic or necessary. If you told me you didn’t eat cake on your birthday, I would ask you “Why not?!” Eat your cake.

Lifestyle changes take time. New habits take time. Don’t change something with the mindset that you’re only going to do it for x amount of days and then you’ll go back to how you were. What’s the point of changing anything if you’re going back to bad habits?! If you want to be healthier and more fit – do it!! And do it with 100% effort. If you’ve made the choice to change, be that change. Go in full force, not allowing anyone to get in your way, set an example for everyone, and NEVER give up! Stand up to the naysayers, regardless of who they are – be BOLD!