When I came across this photo today, I stopped for a minute and thought about what it said. And it dawn on me – that it’s absolutely true!

So many times in life we don’t pursue something because we’re terrified of what will happen. What will others say? What if I fail? What if I really don’t like it after all? What if my friends start avoiding me? They’re all what-ifs and most of the time never ever happen. We worry about things for no reason.

When I decided to become a group and personal trainer I was terrified. I was used to a certain lifestyle and worried how I would pay my bills. I wondered if my friends would avoid me because they felt they couldn’t drink around me or eat pizza or whatever other “unhealthy” things they did. If I’m a trainer I can’t do those things too right!? I worried what family would think because I no longer had a steady job or insurance. I worried and then got over it. I put everything into learning as much as I could about workouts and nutrition. I love training and helping people reach their goals. And as it turns out, I think I’m pretty good at it.

Then fear struck again when I decided to become a Beachbody coach. All of those same what-ifs ran through my mind, along with several others. I was terrified to tell people! I felt like there was a stigma that came with saying I was a Beachbody coach. And maybe there is, but I’ve chosen not to worry about it. I was already a coach at the gym and doing what I love. Beachbody gave me extra tools to make myself better which in turn helps me makes others better. It was an opportunity that I finally realized couldn’t be turned down. If I wanted to be able to help more people, do my part in ending the trend of obesity, and possibly help one person earn financial freedom, this was the way I needed to go.

I love training. I love coaching. I love my team. I love the people I’ve helped. And will love the people that I have yet to help. Because of my decision to stop being afraid to do something for fear of what others thought I’m now helping countless people reach their health and fitness goals. More people are happier. More people are healthier. More people are fit. And it doesn’t get better than that.
So if there is something you are passionate about, put your fears aside and go for it! Put all of your effort into that thing and pursue it. Even when it seems hard, keep doing the things you know you should. It will workout. You will succeed.