I came across this blurb about motivation in a book I’m reading. Although I had never looked at motivation this way, it speaks true.

Everywhere we look we’re looking for motivation. Motivation to exercise, lose weight, eat healthy, do something for ourselves, whatever it is. What if we found something we know we needed to do and just did it? Regardless of what anyone else was doing or saying, or what others would think. Do I think it’s helpful to have a group of people surrounding you, supporting you, and pushing you to do something or stay on track? Absolutely!!

I’m a group and personal trainer and coach – it’s what I do – motivate and push people. I’m not saying motivation is not needed. But I think you make your own motivation, to some extent. I give you the tools to keep going with your decision to do something, but you get your motivation from within you. Everyone in my current accountability group made the decision themselves to join the group, follow the program, and take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t force them – I gave them the tools to succeed and they’re doing it themselves.

My point is, decide today to do something you know you need to do – for YOU – and just do it! If you have questions or need guidance – ASK! I’m here. Once you start doing that thing, it will become easier every day. Then you’ll start seeing results and you’ll WANT to continue to do it. Others will pick up on how your feeling, how you’re looking, and will want to know what you’re doing. And now, you’ve just started your own movement. So no more excuses. Make the decision that you’re going to do that thing you don’t want to do, and JUST DO IT!!