Transformations, both inner and outer, are key in developing who we are. Many times we focus on what has changed on the outside – we lost weight, we gained muscle, we had cosmetic surgery done. But transformations are so much more than that. While the outward appearance is what everyone sees, have you ever thought about what INNER transformations that person went through to make the decision they made to get to where they are now? Sometimes these are more significant than what you see on the outside.

Change is hard. It’s hard for me. It’s hard for you. It’s hard for everyone. We don’t like change. We like routine. Change ellicits fear. We don’t like fear. Fear stops us from doing a lot of things we might do if fear wasn’t an issue. It holds us back. So when someone has changed enough on the outside that you notice it, they have gone through an even bigger transformation on the inside. They’ve faced their fears and pushed through them. They’ve made the decision to change and have stuck to it regardless of push back from people who are closest to them. They’ve taken time for themselves and are better for it. You’ll notice they are happier and more confident. They have learned the importance of taking care of themselves.

So the next time you see someone who looks different on the outside, think about what incredible transformations have happened on the inside.