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Learning to Balance Our Lives Daily (BOLD) between relationships, careers, family, nutrition and passions.  Join me and learn to live a BOLD life!


Fitness was not always a priority in my life.  Family, friends, work, life – it all got in the way of exercising.  But, I fell in love with the feelings working out gave me and want to share that love with you.


When it comes to reaching goals, nutrition is THE most important aspect. Without proper nutrition, no amount of weights or treadmills will change how your body looks and feels.

"In November 2016 I ventured outside my comfort zone and joined Denise's group fitness classes.  I look forward to 4:30 every Monday-Thursday.  I schedule my appointments around my me time!  I went from back row to close to the front.  I'm 50+ pounds down and the healthiest I've ever been."

Lisa T.

"To all the soon to be mamas out there, listen up..I normally don't write reviews but this has to be shared.. Thanks to Denise's accountability groups and the 21 day fix plan I was able to stay fit and healthy during my pregnancy. The 21 day fix plan completely reshaped my diet and provided me the nutritional structure I needed at what could have been a very challenging time. I followed the plan to a "T" with a few indulgences here and there. I felt great, had more energy then most and gained only 17 lbs throughout my pregnancy. I was determined more then ever to make the cleanest food choices and consume the right quantity since I was now eating for two. I didn't want to abide by the philosophy of "have whatever you want, your prego!" This plan is now part of my lifestyle and I'd highly recommend it!"

Ashley E.

"Before meeting Denise and starting 21 Day Fix, I would go straight to the frozen food section in the grocery store, followed by the snack aisle.  Now I spend the majority of my time in the produce section followed by the meat section.  No cans or boxed food ever.  Eating clean and working out has changed my life."

Lisa D.

"For those of you that are on the fence about personal training - Denise is THE BEST.  One of the MOST passionate people I know about helping others achieve their personal goals while making it fun and keeping it real.  Give Denise a try.  Will change your life.  Her energy is contagious."

Kathy G.

"I have done personal training with Denise, too.  Her group classes are awesome, but the individual training has helped me even more with the 1:1 attention... best around for sure!"

Nicole V.

"Personal training with Denise is the absolute BEST!  I never worked out a day in my life and started out with personal training with Denise.  She is so patient and extremely knowledgeable.  It gave me that push I needed!"

Lisa D.

"Denise is awesome. I’ve been taking her group fitness classes for a little over a year and a half and started personal training the end of 2017. She is spot on when she says you do things in personal training you would not do in group fitness. I have pushed myself past my limits with Denise’s help and have done things I was always afraid to try but not anymore. I am always ready for more when I walk through those doors... GOALS!!!!!"

Kathy W.

Sharing my health & fitness journey, and helping people like you with your own health & fitness goals, is my passion. My purpose is to inspire and instill confidence, and help you live the life you are meant to live. Come with me and BE BOLD.

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